Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A free minute?

Chris spent the afternoon at Grammy's house so I could do some work. Only problem is that I haven't yet gotten the green light on my next project for work, so I had no work to do. Instead, I went to Lowe's for mini blinds and weather stripping stuff, to Shaw's for diapers and dinner stuff, came home, made dinner, paid the bills (and sorted through about 3 weeks of mail to do so), submitted my hours for work, and cleaned the kitchen. That took 4 hours. Now dinner's basically ready, and I'm just waiting for my mom, Paul and Chris to come eat. I'm not sure what to do with myself... I actually have a free minute. Of course, there's plenty of laundry covering my bed, but I don't feel like tackling that just yet. Maybe I'll get there when I put Chris to bed. I think I'm starting to feel a little better. I'm still tired, but a few days ago I wasn't moving off the couch.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Blowing Kisses

Chris has taken to blowing kisses. He's been kissing people (and the air in the direction of people) for a month or so now. Just recently, he's figured out to blow kisses with his hand. So now my "baby" is walking up the the stairs (holding the railing, with Dad right below), stopping on each step to blow another kiss goodnight to me. What a love.

Kiddo also seems to have gotten Fifth Disease. It's not a problem for kids, and doesn't seem to bug him one bit. But I'm pregnant, and it could be a problem for the baby. Let's hope not!

I started my new job last week with a 2 day stint in Pittsfield. So far, so good. Chris did fine without me (with the help of Dad and Grammy), but he did fight his nap enough for me to decide he must've missed me. Meanwhile, I love my job. We're working with the city and school district in Pittsfield to help them create a new school system that can be the center of their community for years to come. Exactly what I want to do! The guy I work for does this for cities all over the country (and the world, actually). Who knew someone was doing exactly what I want to do. Moreover, who would've thought I could've gotten the job the way I did? Did I write about that? I don't remember. I applied for the full time job posting, and at the interview I explained I wanted to work part time. Well, a few emails and phone calls later, and I'm working about 10 hrs/week for him and getting paid hourly to do something I love. I'm pretty excited - it's absolutely perfect for me! So things are definitely getting better. As much as I want to be home with Chris, I needed something like this to work on too. Now I feel like I have my cake and I'm eating it too. I get to be a "stay at home mom" and work 10 hrs a week, mainly from home (with some travel), on my dream job. How did I get that lucky?