Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chris updates

It's been a while, so I thought I'd update what Chris has been doing lately.

His vocabulary grows daily, even if most of the words are still understandable only to us. He knows his nose (his current favorite - if you walked in the door the first thing he'd do is say "nose" and point to his nose), mouth, tongue (added this week), ears, toes and feet. We're avoiding eyes. Oh yeah, and he knows belly button (also a big hit). He'll say all of those, some better than others. Old standbys - dog, mama, dada, cat (ta), duck, bird, balloon, bear, book, ba(bottle), please, more, done. Now he says "moo" for a cow, orange, water (sounds a bit like "that"). He points to get his message across.

Physically, his coordination is getting better, so he finally runs around without falling (too often). He loves to dance (to anything that resembles a beat). And he doesn't just sway like his dad and I do, he bounces up and down and gets his arms into it. He can get on and off the new horse his Grampa and Grammy Lin got him for Christmas.

His new favorite book is Goodnight Gorilla. On the front cover there's a gorilla saying "shhh" with his finger over his mouth. Now if you ask Chris "What does the gorilla say?" he puts one finger over his mouth and says "shhhhh." It's pretty cute - hopefully we're not scarring him to badly!

And my personal favorite, he has started to show a real taste for flavor. He LOVES chicken tikka masala (and just about any other Indian food we have given him). Last night he ate half a burrito (complete with a quite spicy salsa, beans, guacamole, rice, chicken, potatoes and zucchini). He would only eat the bland Thanksgiving food if we gave him a tart cranberry-orange relish with it (cranberries and an orange - peel and all - in a blender). Today we got our shipment of grapefruit from John's parents for Christmas, Chris loves them. Maybe we can transition him from his 4 clementines a day to include some grapefruit. He's still just a happy little boy. We took him to the mall today and he just loves seeing all the people (and Christmas decorations), eating at the food court (Indian food), and playing with the oversized stuffed animals in Macy's. He smiles and blows kisses at everyone, and is really a joy to go places with. Of course dealing with him while trying to make dinner in the evening is another story entirely!

It's almost Christmas and we've already had a ton of snow. Here's hoping for a white Christmas!