Sunday, November 30, 2008

Keep penguin safe, give little boy

As we entered Kohl's last Wednesday, Chris managed to pick up a stuffed penguin without me noticing. When we were at the cash register, he said - "Chris was good, want buy penguin." It would be his second, and his nonna has already bought him a huge one for Christmas. While I was deciding how to take it from him with minimal tantrum, my mom mentioned that it was a "Kohl's Kids" item, meaning the proceeds go to charity. That gave me an idea. I told him that we could buy it, but he'd just have to keep it safe until we could give it to a little boy who needs it more than he does. He said okay, and I assumed he had no idea what we were talking about.

When we got home from the store, he ran into the house and confused John by saying: "Chris bought penguin, keep safe, give little boy." I explained, and we chose a safe place to keep the penguin - Chris's crib, which is still set up in his room even though he's been sleeping in a twin bed for over a month (yes, we're lazy). So Chris ran upstairs and put the penguin in his crib.

After his nap we were going to see the Molnars for dinner, and Chris wanted to take the penguin. When I told him he couldn't, he asked to hug it once. I let him hug it, and he put it right back in the crib and said "keep penguin safe, give little boy."

Over the last few days, Chris has taken his job very seriously. He sings "goodnight" to the penguin each night and every time he decides it needs a nap. He made us put a blanket on the penguin. He won't let us leave a light on, even for a minute, if the penguin is "sleeping." He closes his door whenever he leaves his room and says "Chris close door for you" to the penguin. John even found him reaching his toothbrush through the crib to try to brush the penguin's teeth before bed. So for the last four plus days, he's been "keeping the penguin safe" without touching it at all.

This morning at breakfast John and I were discussing what to do for the day. When we came to no consensus, I asked Chris what he'd like to do today. He said "want give penguin little boy." We figured out that there's a Toys for Tots drop off at the Draper Place, a block or so away, and we walked over. He carried the penguin saying "keep penguin safe, give little boy." I explained that we couldn't meet the little boy, we'd just be putting the penguin in a bin, and I was afraid that might cause some problems. When we got there, he ran inside ahead of me, said "bye bye penguin, give little boy" and put the penguin in the big box right inside the doorway. When I caught up he said "Chris want hold penguin" again. I said - what's the penguin for? He said "for little boy" and seemed fine with it. We told him he did a good job keeping the penguin safe and asked if he wanted to get something else for a little boy. He said yes. Maybe I'll actually be able to go Christmas shopping with Chris this year.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

2 years old updates

I figure since Chris is now officially 2, it's probably time to post some more milestones so we can remember (my version of a baby book?).

When asked how old he is, Chris has been saying "2" for a while (as have we). So when we told him it was his birthday yesterday, he started answering "how old are you?" with "3" - logical, I guess. But not right.

Anyway, Chris' language is getting better. He can express just about anything he wants to (although not perfectly clearly, it's understandable if you try hard enough). He's speaking in very simple sentences (Chris want go downstairs now, Chris want more chick pea, Chris want Mama put Alexiky in chair and hold me ... PLEASE, notice the "Chris want" theme...). He knows the abc's and can count to about 20. Colors are still tricky - he knows which words are "colors" but doesn't seem to know which is which. He has started singing along to songs he knows (current favorites: Happy Birthday and Blowin in the Wind). He will answer "Who will be the next President" correctly :), and can also name his VP, identify "Obama" in writing and by his picture (from the magnet on the fridge).

He managed to put his train tracks together this morning, and is doing better with stuff like that. He still cracks us up. Tonight we asked him if he wanted sushi or Chinese food for dinner. He said "chris go downstairs, get sushi" and came back with his wooden sushi from his play kitchen on a tray. Of course when the real stuff arrived he didn't eat it. He generally eats most anything, though. Except the nuts, eggs, etc from allergies.

Doesn't have many fears, but is terrified of his Halloween costume (a pony - he loves to hug it and carry it around, but thinks we're crazy for suggesting he wear it) - should be fun tomorrow night.

Chris is still very good with baby brother. In fact, he gave Alex a piece of sushi tonight (the fake stuff). And when John laid Alex down in the tub to rinse him off tonight, Chris repositioned himself so Alex's head could rest on his leg. Very sweet.

His twin bed arrived today, and we're attempting to get him to sleep in it. He loves the idea of sleeping in the bed, but is a bit overwhelmed by it. The current plan is to give up at 9. It's 8:49 an he's still babbling away in bed, with Dad right next to him (according to the text messages).

In a nutshell, Chris will try anything, and pick himself up and try and try again until he gets bored. He's non-stop motion, energy and excitement. He loves music, animals (especially turtles) and playgrounds. He has a great sense of humor. He has us wrapped around his little finger, and I'm pretty sure he's manipulating both of us already... We're in for it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Babies' First Political Rally

We woke up this morning on the early side, and realized we had a free day with no plans. So I had to fix that. I was looking around on the website to see how I could volunteer when I realized that Joe Biden was speaking today in Manchester, NH. The event didn't start until 1:30, and it was only 8:30 at this point. For some reason, we decided to go. We managed to get out the door in about 20 minutes (from eating breakfast in PJs to pulling out of the driveway). We decided that wasn't bad for 2 kids under 2. We stopped by to pick up my mom to accompany us on our "adventure" and drove up to Manchester. All along the way we practiced with Chris:
"Who are we going to see?"
"Joe Biden"
"Who will be the next President?"
When we got to the campaign office to get the (free) tickets I tried to show off.
"Chris, who are we going to see?"
"Want goldfish."
"Who will be the next President?"
"Happy Birthday."
Not so perfect... but we got tickets. Then we had lunch at Subway and entered the field house at SNHU for the rally around noon. The boys did amazingly well considering nothing really happened until 2. John did have to take them out for the last couple minutes, though. Chris loved applauding, and we're curious if we'll see his picture anywhere. We were sitting pretty close to the front, and he was sitting on John's shoulders applauding happily for a lot of the time. There were many pictures taken of him, but we're not sure by whom. Chris and John actually are in the picture on this page (which we found on Yahoo's photos). If you look over Biden's right shoulder, the kid is Chris, and John's holding him.
Despite the tag-team screaming the entire traffic filled ride home, it was a great day. Senator Biden is a great speaker, and we all enjoyed the rally and our entire adventure. Now the boys are fast asleep, and I'm sure we will be soon, too.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Soccer Mom?

It's been a while since I've written anything here. Teaching has filled up what little was left of my time, and the two boys under 2 are keeping me on my toes.

There's been so much talk about "soccer moms" with Sarah Palin and it's driving me crazy. I couldn't have been happier when Biden trumped her "I know what real people are like because I'm a mother and raised kids" with "well I did too, as a single father, after my wife and daughter died." I haven't really been able to figure out exactly why it drives me so crazy that her bumper sticker could read "Soccer Moms Unite!" I love soccer. I'm a mom. I should agree, right? But I don't. And I finally think I figured out why.

I have two sons - the older one is almost 2, and the baby is 4 months old. This morning I got up before the kids, drove half an hour up 495, put on my cleats and shin guards in the 40 degree weather, and played an 8am soccer game with my over 30 women's team. My husband brought the kids late in the first half to watch. Almost all the women on my team are mothers, and some are even grandmothers. We play early in the morning so the kids can get the fields later, and so we can get home and spend time with our families (and yes, some of the moms do go watch their kids games after ours).

Sarah Palin is not a soccer mom. I am a soccer mom. The women on my team are soccer moms. And I don't like that she thinks she can call herself that.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


It's been a while. I started to post yesterday, but got interrupted, which is basically life in my house these days. Not that I'm complaining, but not much downtime.

Alex was born on June 4, and he's doing great. The baby has even slept for 6 hr stretches most nights, so we're just hoping it lasts. Chris loves his brother, but has started to show more signs of approaching 2. His new one is hitting. He hits when he's bored. We're trying to nip that one in the bud. But at least he's sweet to his brother, which has been really cute.

I'm starting to think about teaching in the fall. I have a job to teach 3 classes for 1 semester at Hopedale High, which is about a 5 minute walk from my house. It's going to be a totally different world from teaching at Frick, but the more I think about it, the more excited I get (although I'd still love to go back to Frick ... if only the commute weren't so bad). I'm going to be teaching 9th grade writing and 10th grade English. The 10th graders will read To Kill a Mockingbird, which I love. It also gives me a chance to introduce some real issues in the classroom. I just ordered a book of world sayings/proverbs, which I plan to use as a daily warm up to introduce different cultures into the classroom. I never really had to think about multicultural education before. My class was multicultural by fact - I'm white, the students were African American, Latino, Asian, even Tongan, and my style is to bring everyone's experiences into the classroom. In Hopedale that won't be so easy. I'm excited about the chance to do it, though.

I'm also happy to be able to start trying to get back into shape. I've been overweight since I was pregnant with Chris, and I'm done with it. I bought a book about nutrition and breastfeeding and I've been paying attention to what I eat. Of course at the end of the day I find myself realizing I didn't eat enough, so we'll see how this works. I lost almost no weight while nursing Chris,so I'm hoping for a different result this time. The dr says I have to wait a few more weeks for real exercise, so it's walking for me right now (and "in moderation"). My Y membership is active again as of yesterday (I put it on hold for a month to save $$ when I knew I couldn't use it). I'm looking forward to being able to use it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Job?

Unless something changes (which is often the case with schools), I'm the proud owner of a new job. On paper, my job right now is perfect. I'm working 1/4 time, consulting for an education planner, doing exactly what I'd like to do. Unfortunately, 1/4 time ends up being nothing for months, and then full time for a while. While I'm doing some workshops and research, most of the work is quite boring and tedious, and since there's no office, I don't get much contact with real people out of the deal. So I think once the baby's born, I'm done with it for a while.

So the new job... In the fall, I'm going to cover a maternity leave for a teacher who's teaching 3 classes. It's unclear exactly how long it'll last, but I'll be teaching mornings (7:30 - 11:30 with an hour break in the middle). It's high school English, at Hopedale High (5 minute walk down the street). It'll be a completely different experience to Oakland, but I'm excited to see if I'll enjoy teaching there or not. If I like it, it'd be a really convenient job to have with young kids, so we'll see how it works out.

Stomach Bug

So Chris got the stomach bug. We're still hoping we don't catch it. He's been vomiting off and on for 4 day now. Of course the dr told us today that the reason he still vomits sometimes is that we went back to giving him milk (go figure). Anyway, the funny part is that he has started trying to help. He runs to the bathtub and leans over when he's about to throw up. Today he didn't make it there fast enough and made a mess in his room. John got some toilet paper to clean it up. Chris went and got more toilet paper for Dad. When John thanked him, Chris went back to the bathroom. He came back with his bath soap and handed it to John. I wonder if he was disappointed that John didn't scrub it onto the floor.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Is he excited?

Everywhere we go, people ask us if Chris is excited for his new brother. I keep explaining that while we've told him what's going on, he's 18 months old, and doesn't quite get it. He understands the words we say, but the meaning is a bit lost. We tell him there's a baby in my belly, and he will point at my belly and say "baby." He also points at babies and says "baby." We're not sure how much he really understands the connection. Today Chris demonstrated for everyone who's still curious.

We were looking through the closet in the baby's room. Chris wandered in, and somewhere found a pacifier on the floor. He picked it up and came running over to me, pacifier in hand, saying "baby! baby! baby! baby!" I said "Yes, the pacifier is for a baby. That used to be yours. Do you think you'll give that to your baby brother?" He forrowed his brow in confusion and paused for a minute. Then he lifted my shirt over by belly, said "baby," stuck the pacifier into my belly button, and pulled my shirt back down over it. Then he smiled and clapped for himself.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chris Playing Mommy

I got a glimpse today at how not exactly feminine I am through Chris. He put on my flip flops, grabbed my blue canvas "purse", put on some chapstick, came over and gave me a kiss, and then walked to the front door and said "bye bye." I wish the camera were working. I think it's our version of the kid wearing mom's high heels, pink bag and lipstick.

Friday, April 18, 2008


I've been busier lately. I would've liked to have more to do a few months ago. Now that I finally have work, I'm exhausted from the end of pregnancy. I guess beggers can't be choosers, right?

My education planning position has started up again. Apparently he had no work for a few months, and now he's busy. I'm enjoying the big projects, but the little stuff gets annoying. I also have a hard time dealing with the nature of how I'm getting assignments to do. My boss is very busy, and a bit scattered. He'll ask me if I have time for 1 task, and when I say yes, he'll give me something way more involved to do (that takes way more time than I necessarily have). I could say no, but I want to make a good impression, and I want to work, just maybe not quite as much. Anyway, my mom and John have been helping out with Chris so I can get some work done. We'll see how long this lasts as I'm now 32 weeks pregnant.

Chris is doing well. He's understanding more and more every day. His words are improving, but he's still not exactly a good talker. He knows what he's saying, we just don't always. But he does have a ton of "words" these days. You just have to apply the word "word" liberally. He's been climbing a lot lately. He'll push a chair up to the counter, climb up and get himself a pear to eat. Resourceful kid. He's also enjoying the spring weather as he wants "more outside" all the time. I think he'd be outside 24/7 if allowed to be. Definitely his father's son.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A diagnosis?

We took Chris to Children's Hospital yesterday to see an allergist. The whole allergy thing with him is so strange. He seems happy to eat whatever we give him, yet when he ate eggs (happily), he broke out in hives. The hives were only where he rubbed the eggs on his face, and he had no internal reaction at all. Then we avoided eggs for 6 months and tested him for eggs and nuts, and almost everything came back somewhat positive. Of course we haven't given him nuts, but he'd had some of the things he was tested for (coconut - tested positive, eats regularly). He doesn't have any allergy symptoms. Strange.

Meanwhile, Chris has had 2 spots on his back for most of his life. They're usually flat and brownish, but flare up and look kind of like blisters. They don't flare up very often, and we've been kind of at a loss to figure out what makes them flare up.

So we went to Children's. What an experience. I felt guilty for even being there. All the other kids just looked so sick. Everyone we passed seemed to say something about how happy or healthy Chris looked. We get people saying he's happy a lot, but nothing like this. He was just such a contrast to the other kids in the allergy room. Probably because, despite all his "allergies" he can eat just about anything, and does so happily.

Long story short, the doctors are fascinated by him. The big shot dr, who has written the book on peanut allergies, called in all the residents to look at Chris. He scratched Chris' back with a pen (with the ink retracted), and showed them how to make the spots flare up. He showed them that when he made an X on Chris' back, it turned red instantly, and stayed that way. Everyone stared and ooohed and awwed, and Chris smiled and waved and said hi to everyone. He just loved all the attention. The Dr. had us come back in a month so the fellow we saw would get to see the "interesting" case. So while I was feeling guilty for taking up the dr's time from all these kids who look malnourished, we seem to have brought them the ideal teaching case. No real panic or sense of urgency, but a fairly obvious diagnosis of a rare disease that could have far reaching implications.

They said he has mastocytosis, which apparently means he has too many mast cells (which are allergy cells). That's what the spots are. There are two kinds - skin and systemic. We're hoping it's the skin kind, and limited to what we've seen. The Dr. seemed to think it's possible Chris isn't actually allergic to anything, but has these extra allergy cells on his skin, which make him break out when certain things are on his skin. He said not to worry too much, and to certainly let him keep eating anything he eats now (which is everything but eggs, nuts and shellfish). They did bloodwork to see if it's systemic, which wouldn't be good. But we're hoping it's the skin kind.

Interestingly enough, as we left the dr's, John mentioned that he has most of these symptoms too. Seems that the disease is genetic, and if John has it, it certainly hasn't affected his life, so that's all good.

The other interesting twist, is that I've been assuming he has the allergies that my brother has, but it seems that may be completely wrong. It's likely there's absolutely no link between my brother's allergies and Chris's stuff (assuming it is the mastocytosis). Also, some people have wondered if the allergies wouldn't have happened if I had breastfed exclusively or longer. In his case, it wouldn't have mattered at all - this is just something he was born with.

We have a follow up appointment in a month to review the results of the blood test. We'll see how that goes.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Teaching in Hopedale?

In my search for jobs, I checked out what I could do in Hopedale. Turns out there may be an opening to cover a maternity leave for an English teacher. I don't know the details, but it would be covering some maternity leave full time, and then sharing the job with the teacher (so working part time). It's not even clear yet if it's an option, or the length of the leave, or % of work, etc. But it's an interesting thought.

Monday, March 3, 2008

New Thoughts

Maybe spring is coming, or maybe I just got so desperate for something interesting to think about that I finally came up with a few. Friday I decided to find a Cape Cod rental house for the summer. My mom is going to pay for it, and the whole family's going. So that kept me busy for a little bit. A 5br house, near the beach and town, that accepts a dog, and is nice, for a reasonable price, isn't easy to find.

Then as I started to think about travelling I got the crazy idea taht we should take a long trip sometime with the kids. Not now, but maybe in a couple years. Take a year and live somewhere else, or travel around, or something like that. So we started discussing options.

Then Marie and I realized we both would like the idea of teaching part time, and so we're discussing the possibility of applying for teaching jobs as a team. Who knows, maybe if we find the right administration, they'll go for it.

Friday, February 29, 2008

6 degrees

Not of Separation. Just 6 degrees.

I've been up for a little bit, drinking my coffee, hoping Chris will sleep in because he didn't sleep well last night. I just opened the downstairs bathroom and it's 31 degrees in there. That always worries me, since I wouldn't want the pipes to freeze. So I left the door open to the kitchen, and realized it's only 61 in the entire house. Strange, since the heat's been on 68 for half an hour now. Then I checked the outside thermometer. 6 degrees. Well, 5.9 actually. I'm DONE with winter. Today's the last day of February (which is unfairly an extra day long this year). I'm so sick of it.

I'm trying to figure out if my current confusion about working/staying home is related to the weather. Or at least how related it is to the weather. We have a music class today at 11 (make up from the one we missed in Houston). I'm sitting here trying to figure out what to do until 11. It's too late for us to just sit around the house until then. But it's too early to do anything big first. If it weren't 6 degrees out, maybe we could go for a walk. But I guess that's out of the question.

Okay, Chris just woke up with a screech. That can't be a good sign for his mood today. Maybe he'll go back to sleep? Doubtful. See, a walk would fix everything. Tired toddler? Put him in the stroller. Lazy mom? Get some exercise. Bored? Go for a walk. I remember back in October being really excited that I got to get up every day and take a leisurely walk with my son. I'm sure I'd miss that if I were working. Of course right now I'm not working, and I still am missing it.

I'm done with winter.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Renaming Grammy

Chris can't yet make the sounds ga and ka (anything formed in the back of his throat really). So Grammy has been pretty upset that he doesn't call her anything. The other day she asked him if he would rather call her "Nona" and now he won't stop saying "Nona."

Me: "Chris, what's Grammy's name?"
Chris: "Nona"
Grammy: "Yay!!!"

Me: "Chris, what's the dog's name?"
Chris: "Nona"



I feel like I need a purpose. Which is strange since you'd think I have one. My purpose is to take care of my family, which for any sane person should be enough. But to me, a purpose has to involve more than yourself, and somehow my family is an extension of myself. I want to have some larger purpose in the world where I'm working toward making the world a better place for people. Taking care of my son, cooking, cleaning, and occassionally changing cabinet handles doesn't cut it. Not to mention half the time those things don't even happen. I blame my lack of energy on being pregnant, but last time I was pregnant I managed to teach 160 8th graders in the inner city every day, and had enough energy left to take a field trip with them across the country. Yes, I was tired. But I can't help but wonder how much of my "tiredness" has to do with lack of purpose.

Monday, February 25, 2008

A better day

Today we kept busy, and Chris was in a good mood. I'm exhausted, and was tired most of the day, but at least we got some things accomplished, which feels better. We bought and installed new handles on the kitchen cabinets. I hate the ones we had, and it's been bugging me since we moved in. I went to Lowe's and, low and behold, they cost $.97 each. So for $10, I replaced all of them. Of course it wasn't that easy - the bolts were too small and I had to go to ACE to get new nuts and bolts. They cost another $5. They didn't have black ones, only silver, so we need to paint them. John and Chris just went back to ACE to exchange a few bolts that were still too short (the drawers needed extra long ones) and to buy some black paint to paint the bolt heads. Anyway, it's almost done, and, with any luck, we'll finish it up tonight. It feels good to at least get something accomplished during the day. And I cooked dinner too. Woohoo! Maybe I can start to feel like improving the house is my job? Will that help?

I kind of decided last night that I don't really have any good options with jobs. I can't really take a job 6 months pregnant. So the alternative is to set a job now to teach in the fall. But then I'll have a 10 week old baby when it's time to return to a new job full time. I'm just not sure I'm going to want to do that. So I think I'm probably best off staying out of the job market for now. During next year I'll need to get my credential in order and make some decisions, and possibly I'll try to go back to work the following September. At that point Chris will be almost 3 and ready for preschool, and baby 2 will be 14 months. At least by this time next year I should have a better idea of how I'll feel about returning to work. I really want to work right now, and I think it may be better for both me and Chris (and John by extension), but I'm afraid I won't want to leave such a little guy - 10 weeks is younger than I went back to Frick part time.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Confusion Revisited

Once again, I'm stuck about whether or not to work. I really think I'd be happier working, but I really think it's important for kids to grow up with their parents around. Luckily for me, it's not really a financial choice, since we structured our life around living on less money. But because of that, I feel like I'm making a direct choice between my own passions and my children's futures. So much fun. I keep thinking about part time jobs, but I really do think I'd prefer to be teaching. Of course teaching (the way I do it at least), is a time consuming, demanding, draining full time job plus. In my first year in a position, I'd have to develop my curriculum and management plan for that school, plus plan lessons, grade papers, learn the ropes of the school, etc. I really think I'd be working 7-5 most days, maybe get out at 4, and then have some work to do on weekends. That's just a lot of time, and when would I get to be with my kids? But when I'm home all day with Chris, I want to pull my hair out. I think if I worked, I'd enjoy him more. Really, I'd like to work afternoons, but I don't see how that could happen. Certainly not teaching.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Organics Revisited

We just realized we're getting a tax refund and were thinking about using some of it for something fun that we wouldn't otherwise do. Maybe a vacation before the new baby, a new TV?, camera?, phone? Meanwhile, Chris keep getting rashes after everything he eats. It's been going on since we got back from Houston Sunday, and we don't know what to make of it. Moiturizer seems to make it go away, but it's strange.

So the current thought - put the $$ in savings, have it transfer automatically each month into checking enough money to make up the difference between shopping at Market Basket/Shaws and Whole Foods/Trader Joe's. I'm thinking a year's worth of organic, fresh, healthy food is as good a splurge as I'll come up with.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mana mana

Da da da da da - Manamana - da da da da

Chris is absolutely obsessed with the old muppets short "Mana mana." Thank goodness for youtube. The kid won't watch TV, but mana mana rules all.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chris's first Spanish

Chris has been walking around the house waving his index fingers and saying "dedo" all week. If you say "where's your dedo?" or "?donde esta tu dedo?" he shows you his finger. Meanwhile, I'm not sure he knows the word finger. It's pretty funny since neither of us is fluent in anything other than English.

He's been going to music class, and one of his favorite songs is "Don Alfredo Baila." It say "Don Alfredo baila, baila con el dedo..." and in class, everyone waves their fingers. Of course it repeats a lot, like any good kids' song. So now he knows the Spanish word before the English. We love it.

Speaking of music class, Chris LOVES it. He wants to listen to the music and dance ALL the time. He brings us the TV remote and says "more" and dances (we play music through the DVD player and the TV has to be on). He doesn't want to watch TV, but he wants music. I must've listened to one CD 20 times yesterday, and as soon as it ends, he runs from whereever he is in the house saying "more more more more." He's learning the words, dances, rhythms, etc.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A free minute

I got up a little early this morning - 6:15. Chris is still asleep (for now anyway). It's nice to have a free minute to drink my coffee. I'm always happier when I drag myself up early, but still rarely do it.

I'm wondering about jobs again. Not for now, but for sooner than 5 yrs from now. I'm meeting with some TFA people in the next week about "upcoming opportunities." Who knows where that will lead. Of course right now I'm pretty content sitting here with my coffee at 7am with no job to run off to.

We gave Chris his MMR vac at his 15m appt yesterday. So far he hasn't had any reaction at all. By bed time you wouldn't have known he'd had it (actually, but 2 mins after you wouldn't have known). But you hear so much about it I'm still a little concerned. We also got the go ahead to test for egg and nut allergies. It'll be nice to know either way, but I'm a little worried of finding out he *is* allergic to eggs - I keep trying to convince myself it's nothing.

I'm also starting to wonder about a VBAC vs CSection for the new baby. At first I just assumed I'd have a C Section again since it's inside 2 yrs. But the more I think about it I wonder if I should consider a VBAC under the right circumstances. I certainly wouldn't be induced again, but if I go into labor naturally and it progresses quickly, maybe I should give that a chance to happen. I wouldn't want to have surgery for no reason. There are risks associated with both, and both are pretty rare. I just feel like I should see what my body says when the time comes. So I guess I'll talk to the doc about that at next week's appointment.

Chris has started climbing on chairs and sitting at the table. he's also drinking competently out of a cup (although never a sippy cup). More words come daily. His favorites now are up and down.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thank you ... oops!

This is a week late, but Chris has started saying "thank you", which may be the cutest yet. We were at a diner for breakfast last Saturday morning. Every time the waitress brought us something, he said "thank you" ("tan tu", with the right intonation). She noticed it first, and we didn't really believe her. He's been doing it ever since. Quite polite :).

Chris's comic sense of timing has been entertaining us all. Wednesday he tugged on a spider plant at Grammy and Grampa Paul's house until it, the pot, plant stand, dirt, etc all toppled down in front of him. He stood over it looking horrified for about 10 seconds, and then looked up and said, sheepishly, "oops."

He has also started climbing up on dining room chairs to sit and eat at the table. At Grampa and Grammy Lin's house yesterday he was eating on a chair when he reached for an orange. He fell off, landing face first on the floor. He didn't seem too hurt, but embarrassed and scared, and ran to Dad crying. When we was done with Dad, he ran to Mom. I picked him up and said "Sweetie, tell me what happened." He stopped crying, stared at me for a minute, and said "oops."

Monday, January 7, 2008

Words, words, words

Just wanted to make a list of Chris words as of now.
1. Mama
2. Dada
3. Dog (da)
4. Bear (br)
5. Ball (ba)
6. Balloon (baoo)
7. More (mar)
8. Apple (a-puh)
9. Orange (arng)
10.Light (ight)
11.Nose (na)
12.No (na)
13.Yes (yis)
14.Lunch (unch)
15.Monkey (em)
16.Duck (du)
17.Abby (abbuh)
18.Water (dat - I know, not even close)
20.Toes (ts)
21.Shoes/socks/slippers (s's)
22.Belly Button (be be)
23.Bubbles (bubu)
25.Hair (hr)
26.Diaper (per)
27.Done (dah)
28.Grandpa (pa)
29.Grammy (na)
30.Buzza Buzza (vaccuum? other things he doesn't know words for)
32.Hat (aat)
33.Cheese (ch)
34.Train (tuh)
35.Cat (tah)
36.Bird (bur)
37.Moon (muh)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Little helper

So Chris has actually started being helpful. I honestly don't know when this started, but I noticed it for the first time today, and it happened twice.

First, I was looking for his slippers this morning. I found one, and, as always, asked him where his other one was. I always ask, but don't expect an answer. Kind of the same way I ask the dog things. Anyway, I asked him, and then went about looking around the house. He was following me saying "Mama Mama Mama." When I finally turned to look at him, Chris was holding the other slipper out for me. Who knows where he found it.

Then, we were out to dinner tonight with the Kellys. We were trying to leave, getting everyone's coats, hats, mittens, diaper bags, bills, etc taken care of. I said, "All set?" to everyone (but directed at the adults). Chris started pointing at the table saying "dat" (which is his word for water) very emphatically. I looked to where he was pointing, and sure enough, at the end of the table was his water bottle. We definitely would have left it there, and he didn't want us to forget it.

Not bad for a 14 month old - at least he's starting to try to help out. I really like that he's engaging with us. I've been asking him questions like that since he was born. It's nice to see that he may finally respond. Maybe some of the people will stop looking at me like I'm a crazy person now... or not.