Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Job?

Unless something changes (which is often the case with schools), I'm the proud owner of a new job. On paper, my job right now is perfect. I'm working 1/4 time, consulting for an education planner, doing exactly what I'd like to do. Unfortunately, 1/4 time ends up being nothing for months, and then full time for a while. While I'm doing some workshops and research, most of the work is quite boring and tedious, and since there's no office, I don't get much contact with real people out of the deal. So I think once the baby's born, I'm done with it for a while.

So the new job... In the fall, I'm going to cover a maternity leave for a teacher who's teaching 3 classes. It's unclear exactly how long it'll last, but I'll be teaching mornings (7:30 - 11:30 with an hour break in the middle). It's high school English, at Hopedale High (5 minute walk down the street). It'll be a completely different experience to Oakland, but I'm excited to see if I'll enjoy teaching there or not. If I like it, it'd be a really convenient job to have with young kids, so we'll see how it works out.

Stomach Bug

So Chris got the stomach bug. We're still hoping we don't catch it. He's been vomiting off and on for 4 day now. Of course the dr told us today that the reason he still vomits sometimes is that we went back to giving him milk (go figure). Anyway, the funny part is that he has started trying to help. He runs to the bathtub and leans over when he's about to throw up. Today he didn't make it there fast enough and made a mess in his room. John got some toilet paper to clean it up. Chris went and got more toilet paper for Dad. When John thanked him, Chris went back to the bathroom. He came back with his bath soap and handed it to John. I wonder if he was disappointed that John didn't scrub it onto the floor.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Is he excited?

Everywhere we go, people ask us if Chris is excited for his new brother. I keep explaining that while we've told him what's going on, he's 18 months old, and doesn't quite get it. He understands the words we say, but the meaning is a bit lost. We tell him there's a baby in my belly, and he will point at my belly and say "baby." He also points at babies and says "baby." We're not sure how much he really understands the connection. Today Chris demonstrated for everyone who's still curious.

We were looking through the closet in the baby's room. Chris wandered in, and somewhere found a pacifier on the floor. He picked it up and came running over to me, pacifier in hand, saying "baby! baby! baby! baby!" I said "Yes, the pacifier is for a baby. That used to be yours. Do you think you'll give that to your baby brother?" He forrowed his brow in confusion and paused for a minute. Then he lifted my shirt over by belly, said "baby," stuck the pacifier into my belly button, and pulled my shirt back down over it. Then he smiled and clapped for himself.