Thursday, October 30, 2008

2 years old updates

I figure since Chris is now officially 2, it's probably time to post some more milestones so we can remember (my version of a baby book?).

When asked how old he is, Chris has been saying "2" for a while (as have we). So when we told him it was his birthday yesterday, he started answering "how old are you?" with "3" - logical, I guess. But not right.

Anyway, Chris' language is getting better. He can express just about anything he wants to (although not perfectly clearly, it's understandable if you try hard enough). He's speaking in very simple sentences (Chris want go downstairs now, Chris want more chick pea, Chris want Mama put Alexiky in chair and hold me ... PLEASE, notice the "Chris want" theme...). He knows the abc's and can count to about 20. Colors are still tricky - he knows which words are "colors" but doesn't seem to know which is which. He has started singing along to songs he knows (current favorites: Happy Birthday and Blowin in the Wind). He will answer "Who will be the next President" correctly :), and can also name his VP, identify "Obama" in writing and by his picture (from the magnet on the fridge).

He managed to put his train tracks together this morning, and is doing better with stuff like that. He still cracks us up. Tonight we asked him if he wanted sushi or Chinese food for dinner. He said "chris go downstairs, get sushi" and came back with his wooden sushi from his play kitchen on a tray. Of course when the real stuff arrived he didn't eat it. He generally eats most anything, though. Except the nuts, eggs, etc from allergies.

Doesn't have many fears, but is terrified of his Halloween costume (a pony - he loves to hug it and carry it around, but thinks we're crazy for suggesting he wear it) - should be fun tomorrow night.

Chris is still very good with baby brother. In fact, he gave Alex a piece of sushi tonight (the fake stuff). And when John laid Alex down in the tub to rinse him off tonight, Chris repositioned himself so Alex's head could rest on his leg. Very sweet.

His twin bed arrived today, and we're attempting to get him to sleep in it. He loves the idea of sleeping in the bed, but is a bit overwhelmed by it. The current plan is to give up at 9. It's 8:49 an he's still babbling away in bed, with Dad right next to him (according to the text messages).

In a nutshell, Chris will try anything, and pick himself up and try and try again until he gets bored. He's non-stop motion, energy and excitement. He loves music, animals (especially turtles) and playgrounds. He has a great sense of humor. He has us wrapped around his little finger, and I'm pretty sure he's manipulating both of us already... We're in for it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Babies' First Political Rally

We woke up this morning on the early side, and realized we had a free day with no plans. So I had to fix that. I was looking around on the website to see how I could volunteer when I realized that Joe Biden was speaking today in Manchester, NH. The event didn't start until 1:30, and it was only 8:30 at this point. For some reason, we decided to go. We managed to get out the door in about 20 minutes (from eating breakfast in PJs to pulling out of the driveway). We decided that wasn't bad for 2 kids under 2. We stopped by to pick up my mom to accompany us on our "adventure" and drove up to Manchester. All along the way we practiced with Chris:
"Who are we going to see?"
"Joe Biden"
"Who will be the next President?"
When we got to the campaign office to get the (free) tickets I tried to show off.
"Chris, who are we going to see?"
"Want goldfish."
"Who will be the next President?"
"Happy Birthday."
Not so perfect... but we got tickets. Then we had lunch at Subway and entered the field house at SNHU for the rally around noon. The boys did amazingly well considering nothing really happened until 2. John did have to take them out for the last couple minutes, though. Chris loved applauding, and we're curious if we'll see his picture anywhere. We were sitting pretty close to the front, and he was sitting on John's shoulders applauding happily for a lot of the time. There were many pictures taken of him, but we're not sure by whom. Chris and John actually are in the picture on this page (which we found on Yahoo's photos). If you look over Biden's right shoulder, the kid is Chris, and John's holding him.
Despite the tag-team screaming the entire traffic filled ride home, it was a great day. Senator Biden is a great speaker, and we all enjoyed the rally and our entire adventure. Now the boys are fast asleep, and I'm sure we will be soon, too.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Soccer Mom?

It's been a while since I've written anything here. Teaching has filled up what little was left of my time, and the two boys under 2 are keeping me on my toes.

There's been so much talk about "soccer moms" with Sarah Palin and it's driving me crazy. I couldn't have been happier when Biden trumped her "I know what real people are like because I'm a mother and raised kids" with "well I did too, as a single father, after my wife and daughter died." I haven't really been able to figure out exactly why it drives me so crazy that her bumper sticker could read "Soccer Moms Unite!" I love soccer. I'm a mom. I should agree, right? But I don't. And I finally think I figured out why.

I have two sons - the older one is almost 2, and the baby is 4 months old. This morning I got up before the kids, drove half an hour up 495, put on my cleats and shin guards in the 40 degree weather, and played an 8am soccer game with my over 30 women's team. My husband brought the kids late in the first half to watch. Almost all the women on my team are mothers, and some are even grandmothers. We play early in the morning so the kids can get the fields later, and so we can get home and spend time with our families (and yes, some of the moms do go watch their kids games after ours).

Sarah Palin is not a soccer mom. I am a soccer mom. The women on my team are soccer moms. And I don't like that she thinks she can call herself that.