Monday, February 16, 2009

TV Time

With the TV in the kitchen, the kids really watch almost no TV. It had gotten bad before we moved it. I think there were days when Chris watched 4 hours in one day. So we moved the TV (in September), and decided to limit him to an hour a day. By Christmas he was really only watching TV with his grandmother two mornings a week, and he'd stopped asking for it altogether. Since I stopped working I've decided he can watch TV after his nap/before dinner on Fridays, when we're home. But then I usually forget to turn it on. I'm really not anti-TV. I think it's fine in small amounts. But we've basically forgotten about it here.

Anyway, Chris has been sick, off and on (he was fine Saturday... weird) since THursday. With the TV in the kitchen, it's hard to offer the nice, relax and watch TV thing that I like when I'm sick. He can sit up at the kitchen table and watch TV, or we can read him a book on the couch. Now that we've read every book we own (and we own a lot of books) at least a thousand times in the last 4 days, it was time for something else.

He's very sweet and pathetic while he's sick. And I've been having flashbacks to Chris at 1 yr old. He needs constant attention. "I need be held," he says constantly. I can't even get the dishes done. He's usually so good at entertaining himself. Not today. So it was time for desperate measures.

This morning John took an old TV and VCR up from the basement and put them in the play room. Of course there's no cable in there, and with the digital thing, the old TV gets nothing. So we're down to the VCR. But we haven't used it since before kids, and Chris is still a bit young for Christmas Vacation and Bring It On.

Auntie Jenny came to the rescue with a bunch of videos she didn't even know were still in her attic. Chris watched Sesame Street Kids' Favorite Songs this morning. It's 30 mins long. He managed half before lunch and half after. When it was over he came downstairs crying about how it was broken. But at least we got him sitting still, without us having to do anything, for 30 minutes.

Monday, February 2, 2009


After the 25 random things facebook page caught me, I seem to have gotten a bit nostalgic. I spent the weekend trying to figure out what Ultimate tournament I could go to, and how to get my friends I used to play with to go with me. Of course things are different now. Some of us have kids, some are pregnant, some have continued playing, and I'm sure wouldn't enjoy much playing with those of us who haven't, some are injured (well, I guess that's no different), and some travel all over the world so much that there's no way to figure out when we'd all be around. I think enough people are interested that we'll be able to play at a beach tournament this summer. Wildwood is on the Jersey shore. I played there a few times, and it was always fun. We even won the tournament once... of course there's no worry of that this time around. But it should be fun with the kiddos. Coming uip with the random things just made me start thinking a little. I am happy with the direction I have chosen for my life, and I quit Ultimate way before having kids for many reasons. But I really do miss having the opportunity to catch up with friends who live all over the place every once in a while. Maybe we could get a tradition going of a once a year, bring the family, tournament. It'd be a nice way to get to spend time with people I love and don't see enough.