Friday, June 12, 2009

Bee stings and independence

Chris has had more bee stings in his life than I have in mine. Last Friday after he came inside from playing I noticed a red spot on his neck under his ear. I looked more closely, afraid it may be a hive from something he ate or got into and it looked like a bee sting, but I wasn't sure. Here's the conversation that followed:

Me: "Chris, what's that on your neck?"
Chris: "A bee stung me."
Me: "When?"
Chris: "When I was playing in the sandbox with my baby brother."
Me: "Did it hurt?"
Chris: "Yes."
Me: "Did you cry?"
Chris: "No."
John: "Where was I?" (He was outside with the boys.)
Chris: "In the garden."
John: "Did you try to tell me you were stung by a bee?"
Chris: "No... why?"

Apparently he's been stung so many times it's just commonplace to him now.

Yesterday, while I was doing dishes, my little Mr. Independent walked through the kitchen holding his shoes and socks. I asked him where he was going and he said "outside to play with my train on my water table," and proceeded to open the door and walk out back. He made it to the porch, sat down on the step and struggled with his shoes and socks. He came back with one sock partly on and said he needed help. "With your shoes?" "No, filling the water table." Unfortunately, I'm thinking he's still too young to play outside alone.

Alex - 1yr

Alex is ONE! I figured now was a good time to keep track of what he's up to...

Although he's not walking on his own yet, Alex is pretty stable on his feet. He'll stand up without holding on, until he remembers he's not holding on. He's a fast crawler, though, and seems content to move around on all fours.

Alex is much gentler with Joey than Chris was at this age, and still is. Alex mainly crawls up to Joey, lowers his head, and nuzzles with her. Of course being the affectionate dog she isn't, Joey doesn't enjoy this much more than the fur pulling.

Not so many real words yet, but Alex gets his point across. He points all the time and kind of grunts if he wants something. He'll say mama and dada and um-a for food. Speaking of which, Alex will eat anything you hand him. No dairy for now, but literally anything else. A couple weeks ago he downed half a dozen kumquats before I tried one and realized they probably aren't meant to be eaten with the skin.

He's started trying to sing along in the car, especially with the Buddy Holly song "Not Fade Away." He likes the ba ba bum bum part.

He's definitely started to explore more and show interest and curiousity in everything.

He also enjoys waving goodbye and blowing kisses.