Saturday, June 5, 2010

Alex - 2 yrs

Alex turned 2 yesterday! Just wanted to keep track of what he's up to. Overall, Alex is all or nothing. He's a total goofball, and loves making us laugh. He's all smiles and happiness and joy... until he's angry, and then I'm sure you could hear him in the next state. Luckily, that is usually short lived, and then he's back to his happy self.

He's starting to speak well, even in complete, but short, sentences. This morning's was "Uh-oh Mommy, door is locked!" He can say just about anything he wants to say, and we can understand him well enough. Sometimes he needs to try to explain himself another way to get his point across, but he does pretty well. He knows color words (although doesn't match them up so well), and he can count beyond 10 (usually he gets to 12 then skips to 20), in English and Spanish. He knows most of the letters.

Alex loves to sing, and we really need to video tape him singing and doing the hand motions to "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "The Old Oak Tree" (a Music Together song). Now that he requests his favorites regularly in the car, we've started to have some battles, but generally they both seem to like just about any music.

Alex also likes sports stuff. He can throw a ball overhand quite far, and will kick a soccer ball back and forth with me (at least until Chris comes and steals the ball). One of his favorite phrases is "I running!" as he takes off running around in circles.

He also likes to paint, color, draw, anything art like. He even holds crayons the right way, and scribbles all over everything.

Alex also likes to sleep, and he will tell us when he wants a nap or to go to bed. "I bed" or "I nap NOW PLEASE!" are common.

He has gotten past the dairy issues, and now is enjoying ice cream this summer. Yay!

Here he comes home from a walk with John and Chris, into the house, yelling "Lelley! Lelley!" He's pretty happy to have Kelley around. So am I, but that's another story :).