Sunday, April 24, 2011

Growing Up

As I notice the last post about Alex turning two, apparently it's been almost a year since I've posted.

My boys are growing up, and I love it.

I know I was supposed to cry when they turned 1, and 2, and ate solid food, and dropped naps, and started preschool, but I haven't. And I don't miss those days, not even a little. I know I'm supposed to want to quit my job and take them out of preschool so I don't miss the early years that fly by, but I don't. I've had more fun with my children in the last 3 days than I think I ever have. Why would I want any of that to change.

Friday morning we dropped John off at the train with the boys still in their PJs. I asked them what they wanted to do next, and they said "play". So we went to the Franklin McDonald's. I dressed them in the car, bought a $1 cup of coffee and sat on an armchair while I drank my coffee and watched them play. I only picked up my cell phone once, for about 2 minutes, in the hour and a half we were there. When we got back to the car, Chris asked to go to a playground. Although it was only 50 degrees, it was sunny, which made it the best weather of April vacation week. So we stopped at a nearby playground in Franklin. When we got out of the car, Chris said "hey, this is where we went for Max's birthday." Max is Alex's friend. We were there last May for his 2nd birthday. I couldn't believe they remembered. The boys played for half an hour or so and I realized it wasn't that cold after all. So I asked them if they wanted to take the train into the city.

They said yes.

We stopped at CVS where I bought a water bottle and let them choose snacks, having left the house with almost nothing in the morning. I brought my wallet and phone in a small shoulder bag, with the Epi-Pens and a few pens in it. Not even a water bottle. Anyway, we got cash back for parking and caught the 12:05 train, armed with a huge box of Goldfish (Chris), a tiny box of animal crackers with a string to hold onto (Alex), and 5 granola bars (me). 2 stops later, Alex had to pee. Luckily (?) the train car had a bathroom. It took him a while, all the while Chris worried that someone might steal our coats that we had left on our seats. When we returned to our seats, our coats were still there, but someone had sat in 1 of our 4 seats (2 facing 2). Poor guy had to sit with us all the way into the city. I was worried, but I didn't need to be. The boys charmed the 50ish year old businessman away from his work. He helped them look for forsythias out the window, and complimented them and thanked them for such a fun train ride when we arrived.

We arrived at South Station, crossed 2 streets to a find a map of the Greenway where we'd meet Marie, Gary and Lucas for a free concert. As I struggled with the map, my phone rang. It was Marie, and they were just leaving South Station. We walked all together to the concert, where, in addition to the music, they had instruments to play, crafts to do and hulahoops to try, not to mention free samples of chocolate Greek yogurt. The boys were wonderful and had a blast. When we got too cold, we walked back to South Station where John met us. He took the boys to the Children's Museum, for free with our EcoTarium membership. I went out for a drink (or 2?) with Marie, which was wonderful. We caught the 5:40 train home, and had a nice conversation as a family. Dinner at Pizzeria Uno and then the boys were in bed around 9, and so were we.

I genuinely enjoyed every minute of the day. We've passed the diapers and (most of) the tantrums. I can trust my boys to hold my hands in the city, and not to wander off. We can look for forsythia together and enjoy conversations about Earth Day, our week with Mimi, and using levers to move the play structure up the hill. I've always loved them, but I'm starting to truly enjoy them. THey make me laugh, and instead of feeling like work to take them places, I have fun too. I really never thought I'd see the day...

Easter morning was a blast. The boys were so excited, mainly for the egg hunt. They ate too much sugar and ran in circles. We planted the grape vines the Easter Bunny left, with the shovels he left and the gardening gloves he left. Then we went for a hike in the Parklands and "fished" with sticks in a stream, and John had to decide what was or was not safe, as they both have better balance than I do. Chris crossed the stream from rock to rock like it was nothing. Alex tried to swim on a rock. We talked with the neighbors and they played with the 3rd grade girls next door. We had to change their clothes for dinner at Nonna's with no idea which marks where chocolate and which were mud, and where the new cuts and bruises came from. They were in the tub by 6:00 because they thought it was bedtime.

I go back to work tomorrow, Chris goes back to school, Alex to the Little Gym with Nonna, John to work. Alex returns to school Tuesday. We all like what we do during the day. I'm home at 1:00 and John works from home 3 days a week. I'll miss the boys a little more tomorrow than normal for the fun we had this week. I'm looking forward to our adventures this summer. I think the fact that we do go our own ways sometimes makes us all more interesting people, and for that, I'm grateful. I don't miss the days when I was home full time, or when I carried them in the Ergo, or when I had to carry diapers and stop for naps, or try to carry 2 boys across busy streets because neither would walk by my side. Or because the one who could walk wanted to be held. I'm enjoying my children now, and looking forward to each day with Chris, Alex and John. That's the first time I could've honestly said that since the boys were born.

They're growing up, and I'm loving it.

Of course these days I'll probably miss...