Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Chris is officially a kindergartener, and he couldn't be happier. He loves his teacher, has made a new best friend, and bounces his way into and out of school each day. He told me tonight that he wants to go to school every single day, and it's the best school ever. So far, so good.

He's been starting to read better on his own, and really started to express his views on life, which has been really standing out lately. A few items that I want to write down so that I don't forget them later.

1. The Reindeer Civil War
For the last month or so, we have been in the midst of a reindeer civil war. As told by Chris - the California Reindeer are fighting the US Reindeer, because the US reindeer stole the CA's land, and they were there first. He has tried a number of diplomatic negotiations, during which he calls his commanders on imaginary cell phones and suggests what they could do. First, he tried telling them that really, they're all the same underneath, since he was born in California, and now lives in the US (seems there's a bit of a distinction being misunderstood here...). That didn't work. Then he tried having them print the "US flag" on one side and the "CA flag" on the other. That didn't work. Then he invited them to have drinks together. That didn't work. Then he told them they should share the land. That didn't work. Then he replaced all their bullets with marshmallows. After that the war has fizzled, but apparently is still being fought. Meanwhile, Alex had a war of his own. He solved his by making reindeer stew.

2. Goals
I had to fill out paperwork for Alex's school, which asked for "social and academic goals." Not knowing what to write, I asked Alex what his goals are. He said he didn't know. Chris said - "Do you want to know my goals?" I said sure. He said "My goal is to make the world a better place. It's my social and academic goal." Well, okay, then. The next question was "Favorite Song." I asked Alex, and he said "Doe-A-Deer." Chris said "Let It Be Me," and then asked when we can go see the Indigo Girls again.

3. Peace Pretzels
I asked Chris about lunch at school today. He is enjoying eating with his new friend, who is also allergic to peanuts. Today there were others at the table, too. He said some were nice, but others were fighting. He tried showing them his "peace pretzels" (pretzels he chose for snack because they're in the shape of peace signs). Apparently this didn't stop the fighting.

4. No allowed eating...
Chris and the 10 year old girl next door have been having an ongoing disagreement about the merits of being a vegetarian. He said it is mean to eat meat because it's animals and they don't need to die. She answered that it's mean to not eat meat, because then you eat more vegetables, and that's their food, so you're starving the animals by eating their food. They debated for a while, and then Chris drew a sign with a person killing a cow and a big "no allowed" sign over it. He hung it on the window by the front door. Jenna then write "Eat Cows" on a piece of paper and hung it up. Chris threw a fit and she added "Don't" above it. By the next morning, our door was filled with "no allowed" signs, including "no allowed killing..." cows, goats, sheep, chickens, and dogs.

5. Hate
Chris told John at dinner that he hated the fork John gave him. John told him that he didn't mean "hate," he meant "don't like" and that "hate" is much stronger, like for something that you never want to see again, and that the sight of it is just awful. Chris said, "Okay then, I know something I really hate... war!"

I'm certainly curious to see where all of this is headed...

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Ms. L-P said...

I like the (temporary) battle of the signs - no allowed eating signs can be put to good use in our house :) Also, I hope the reindeer civil war ends peacefully.